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English: Establishing a good grip over crayons. A smooth transition from grasp crayons to grip crayons to pencils, working closely on the pincer grip and focusing on hand muscle formation and fine motor skills. Oral Drill from A to Z.

Maths: Focussing on patterns and working closely on perfecting the strokes and patterns. Basic mathematical concepts and Oral Drill from 1 - 20

Art: Varied art activities from Colouring to sprinkling, cutting, pasting, clay modeling, tracing, paper folding, sand art, vegetable printing, collage making, decorating and many more.

Environmental Studies: Basic know how about the World around and its practical aspect with major focus on learning by doing.

Rhymes and Stories: Rhythmical incarnation of rhymes and stories to build on the correct accent, diction and intonations.

Yoga & Meditation: For a peaceful start to the day and to feed the brain with tranquilised thoughts as Yoga and meditation have a calming effect on the child.

Dance: To add grace, dignity and poise to each child and also encourage them to comprehend beats and move accordingly. Further, it aids in the development of Gross Motor Skills.

Music: To add melody and sweetness to the voice of the children. It also adds to the holistic development of each child.

Physical Training (P.T): For Gross Motor development and to keep the children fit and healthy. Such activities include crawling, jumping, running, play-station rides, toy train, tripod basketball, skating, ball throwing and catching, balancing, aiming and throwing, imitation, hopping and splash pool.

Excursions: For practical learning and bettering each theoretical concept.

Guest Lectures: Story telling by experts to add to the vocabulary of children and to aid learning by correlating.

Celebrating festivals, Cultural activities and important days: To promote unity in diversity and to acquaint our children with all religions, cultures, festivals and important personalities.

Moral Values: To encourage the formation of important life skills and make our children grow up to become moralistic, ethical and principled young chidren.


  • Chalk & Talk
  • Role plays
  • Puppet shows
  • Group activities
  • Experiential learning
  • Identification
  • Matching
  • Sorting
  • Observation & memorizing
  • Recognition
  • Multi-sensory learning
  • Pincer grip activities
  • Story Telling